While all property is unique, it can be categorised into different asset classes with different attributes, such as commercial, industrial, retail and residential. 


Our mission is to help our clients:

  • formulate and implement the right strategy for their assets

  • identify opportunity and unlock value within their real estate portfolio

  • understand how their property assets are performing against industry benchmarks

  • manage their real estate assets more effectively in the face of process disruption from the digital world  


We aim to utilise our knowledge, experience and skill set to help corporates, government, 

SME businesses and high-net-worth individuals make better educated and calculated decisions when dealing with their property holdings.




We help property owners align real estate and property assets with their corporate strategy to ensure efficient use of capital including: 


  • Strategy & CRE review & implementation

  • Feasibility analysis

  • Assessing highest and best use options

  • Project management

  • Transaction management

  • Leasing & vacancy control

  • Commercial property business management & development (on and off airports)

  • Car parking operations 

  • Research & analysis

  • Sales and marketing strategies 

  • Brand management & development

ParkCorp is a property development and strategy consultancy assisting businesses and individuals seeking to develop, manage and improve operations in commercial, industrial, residential and other special usage properties in Australia or internationally.  


ParkCorp is managed by Peter Milevich, whose expertise in the property and parking markets comes from over 20 years experience in the industry and is underpinned by outstanding professional qualifications.